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Silvestri Travel is the agency to help create your European tour!  We have a variety of vacation packages for any budget, life style and age range.  From airline & train tickets, hotels, apartments, day tours, and more…let Silvestri Travel be your personal travel planner throughout Europe! We see to every detail of your travel experience!
As your travel planner we have many vacation deals for you to choose from and we will see to every detail of your traveling experience.

Our Personal Italian Travel Journal

Our visit to the Hombre Ranch outside of Maranello was for several reasons! The family ranch, which was begun simply to create great cheese for family and friends, has turned into a leading source for remarkable Parmigiano Reggiano!
In addition, it is a worldwide recognized bio conservation 100% organic farm.

More importantly, we were here to visit the private collection of the Panini family in their Maserati Museum! When the double doors opened….the array of motorbikes, cars, engines, one-off experimental vehicles, vintage lawn mowers, old war antique cannons and miniatures took our breath away. We had the opportunity to walk through the museum with Giovani Panini and hear his stories about the history of his ranch and the museum first hand.

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