5 Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations

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Maybe you’ve already been to all the popular tourist spots, or you’re looking to take a trip to somewhere that’s not as crowded and overrun with tourists. If this sounds like you, then you might be interested in traveling to some of these up-and-coming travel destinations around the world. These usually offer affordability, less crowds, and beautiful sites to see. These countries are just starting to get on the radar, so you definitely want to check them out!

Here are 5 Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations:

  • Argentina: Interest in this country is growing each year in part because of the excellent cuisine and beautiful wine regions. Start your trip in Buenos Aires, but make sure to explore other areas of the country as well.
  • Seychelles: These 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa are about as idyllic as you can get. You can hike, snorkel, SCUBA, and more, or just lounge around on the tropical beaches taking in the beautiful vistas.
  • Vietnam: Still gaining in popularity because it’s great for budget travelers, Vietnam offers many amazing natural and cultural sites and delicious food.
  • Bhutan: Calling itself “The Happiest Place on Earth,” this Buddhist Kingdom is a mysterious, majestic place to visit. They famously charge tourists a $250 per day tariff, meaning you won’t be crowded with tourists everywhere you go.
  • Albania: This country is still off of most people’s radar, but that’s changing as it becomes more and more popular. There are gorgeous mountain views, beautiful beaches, and plenty of history and culture to soak in during a trip to Albania.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

What countries are at the top of your must-see list? 



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