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If you’re a major sports fan, it can be exciting to travel to a destination just to experience a once-in-a-lifetime game, to tour a stadium you’ve always wanted to see, or to explore a museum with memorabilia from your favorite players. All over the world are great destinations for sports fan of every age to visit and enjoy. If you are thinking about your next trip, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Indianapolis: Take a high-speed ride around one of the most famous racetracks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  • Canton: Visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. It’s about an hour away from the Cleveland airport. The museum has great interactive exhibits, and if you’re a big football fan, consider going to Canton for Enshrinement Week.
  • San Diego: A great vacation destination for those who are looking for a little more adventure. You can surf, hang glide, BMX bike, mountain bike, skateboard and more. There is also the California Surf Museum, and make sure you enjoy the beautiful views at a Padres game.
  • Louisville: Experience the excitement of Churchill Downs. You can learn about the history of the Kentucky Derby. There is also the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory and a cultural center dedicated to Muhammad Ali.
  • London: Catch a soccer game at the famous Wembley Stadium.
  • Dyersville: This is where you can visit the movie site from the classic film Field of Dreams in Iowa.
  • Sao Paolo: Visit the 90,000 seat Alliaz Parque and experience the excitement of Brazil’s most popular soccer club, Palmeiras.
  • Park City: Visit the Olympic Park Museum, and then test your skills on the skeleton and bobsled courses from the 2002 Games.
  • Wimbledon: If you can’t make it for the tournament, you can still experience one of the most famous tennis courts in the world. There is a great museum with memorabilia dating back to 1555. You can also take a tour of the famous grounds. Wimbledon is located in southwest London.

What sports destinations are on your bucket list? 

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