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March 25, 2017
Disney travel vacations will take you anywhere in the world.
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July 5, 2017
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Mikey and his friends on vacation with Sarasota Travel Agecy

Most Disneyphiles visit Disney Resorts in Orldando from the Disney’s Magic Kingdom, to Disney’s Animal Kingdom,Disney’s Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well as those in California the original Disneyland and the new California Adventure park.  However, the Disney brand is so much more AND it is worldwide!

Disney Magic

If travel to all of the Disney experiences worldwide is your goal, let Silvestri Travel, your Disney Specialist in Sarasota, Fl be your guide!  In the United States, but far enough away to be a true vacation, one can visit Disney’s Aulani Resort on Oahu in Hawaii.  True to the Disney brand, meet the characters, such as Mikey Mouse and Pluto,  swim, luau, learn to stand up paddle board and more.  While in Hawaii, why not continue on to Asia?  Travel directly to Tokyo and visit the Disney park in Japan with your next stop in Shanghai!  While it may be a long distance for some to travel, the Disney tickets are quite affordable.

Disney Adventures brought to you by Sarasota Travel Agency

Continue on in your worldwide exploration of all things Disney and you may find yourself booked onto an AmaWaterways Disney Adventure river cruise.  The ships are configured to have Image yourself on the Danube and learning the origins of the story of Beauty and the Beastthree passengers in the staterooms and have some adjoining rooms.  All of the experiences both on board and in country on the Danube or Rhine rivers are managed and run by Disney.  True to the Disney experience, there are at least two guides on each tour with one being a local Disney guide and the other from the United States.  Many of the Adventures by Disney river cruises feature towns, castles and local tales that are the basis for Disney stories such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and more!

Disney Specialist

Contact Silvestri Travel your Disney Specialist today!

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