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June 15, 2017
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July 8, 2017
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Disney travel vacations will take you anywhere in the world.

We left off in our last Disney Adventure’s Blog with a river cruise in Europe.  While still in Europe, why not visit Paris Disney!  Did you know that there is a thriving international pin trading group?  Every Disney park has its’ own set of pins and collectables.  Many Disney guests collect these items in duplicates and then trade them with others they meet at the various parks and adventures around the world.  Disney resorts and adventures is more than just travel and checking places off a list…it is an experience to be enjoyed, savored, and remembered for years and years.  The art of travel is one that should enhance an individuals’ own being and open new horizons and friendships anywhere you find yourself!  Disney is a proven master of relationships and experiences.

Disney Voyages

On your final leg of your adventure, why not let your Disney Specialist, Lisa Silvestri, in Sarasota, Florida book your passage on the Disney Magic.  What better way to journey homeward than on an ocean voyage sailing across the Atlantic Ocean?  Can anyone say arrrrrr?  Once you are back in the USA at Port Canaveral take the time to visit one of the remarkable Disney Resort hotels, and one or all of the theme parks in Orlando.  There is always something new at the parks, whether it is a new adventure ride, dining experience, or a musical or electrical light parade for kids of all ages.

Disney the Happiest Place in the World

It can truly be said that Disney, in all of it’s many shapes and sizes; is THE HAPPIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD.

Remember, contact Silvestri Travel LLC, a Sarasota travel agency, whose owner, Lisa Silvestri is your Disney Specialist.  She will help you see the entire world through the eyes of a Disney adventure!  From Florida, California, Hawaii, Japan, China, France, the Danube river, sailing the Atlantic Ocean and more!


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