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The Rue Saint Catherine and Cours de l’Intendance in the Bordeaux wine region boasts over a kilometre of fancy shops, bustling cafes, and beautiful shopping centres. The famous department store Galeries Lafayette – which resembles a royal palace – is known for being the longest shopping strip throughout Europe.

And of course, it goes without saying that the myriad vineyards and shops selling the region’s famous wine and foodstuffs are a main tourist attraction point in this region.

Bordeaux lovers like to say that parts of Paris were modelled after Bordeaux, long known for its well-worn charm and pretty buildings.

An affectionate nickname for the city is Petit Paris (meaning Little Paris). With three beautiful universities, neat avenues, open squares, and ornate architecture, the city has an international vibe that inspires old school elegance. Tradition is on the air and this reflects on the Bordeaux way of live somehow.


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