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July 24, 2018
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September 25, 2018
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Mexico has so much more to offer than beautiful beaches and this is another example of some breathtaking views you will find.

Nature in Nevado De Toluca

Two miles from Mexico City within the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt is a hikers dream come true. take in the beautiful landscape or attempt to summit Pico de Fraile (15,354 feet). This location is very popular among the locals

Moon Lake


so make sure you come early and beat the crowds. If you are feeling adventurous, local guide Miriam Diaz recommends the trail from Los Venados, pine forests and grasslands await you as you reach the rocky ridge to the summit for stunning panoramic views.

We do recommend hiring a local guide to give you peace of mind and to insure you are safe while attempting to summit.

Some essential to bring: Bring cash for entrance fees or to pay a guide, layers, water, sunblock, lunch, snacks, hiking boots, camera. If attempting to summit, pack appropriate gear to safely scramble loose rock and traverse snow and ice.

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