Travel is just not about ticking a place off of a list anymore. As more people are able to sample the joys of experiential travel; the options will grow. Just like people are more inclined to live a healthy day to day life; this same philosophy is moving into their travel as well!

Some of the top 10 wellness and travel trends are:

Surfing and stand-up paddle boarding is expanding. There are new options including all-female surf retreats combining surfing and yoga, surf-simulating fitness classes, and wave-simulating surfing parks.

The ancient Mexican practice of temazcal (an elaborate ritual in which a trained shaman uses heat, steam, aromatic herbs, and ancient prayers and chants to connect guests with forces of the physical and spiritual world) is the latest option for travelers’ seeking out authentic wellness experiences.

Parents are focusing more time, attention and money to keep their families well and are seeking more wellness focused and active family adventures.

Adrenaline plus relaxation combos are huge. Medical science reveals why the seemingly paradoxical contrast therapy is addictive: adrenaline rushes followed by ‘Zen’ relaxation uniquely reset and quiet the brain, and result in the most blissed out relaxation!

Wellness festivals are popping up all over the world. Celebrating health and well being while still embracing the spirit that makes music festivals so popular.

Cruise lines are incorporating wellness options for their travelers to de-stress and stay healthy while on board and during shore excursions. From Yoga, Pilates, medical beauty treatments, indigenous wellness and adventure activities.

Even though travel by bicycle has been around for decades, it is experiencing a resurgence. The ability to bike and then stay in a luxury spa resort along the way is fast becoming the way to see countries from the inside.

Walking tours throughout the world! Set a nice, slow pace while you explore off the beaten places. A great way to meet the locals, experience the great views and then stay at a hotel with a spa.

Nothing better than a great massage to get you ready for the next days hike.

Yoga and meditation are huge! In the crazy busy world that we all live in, Y & M is becoming the thing to do at home AND a perfect way to experience countries worldwide!

Travel, in and of itself is a form of well being. It provides people everywhere the opportunity to meet one another in a local, peaceful setting and to establish harmony and connection, one human being to another!

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