What is a World Cruise?

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This is the Ultimate Cruise Experience, cruising to six continents and visiting 112 of the world’s greatest cities and charming smaller ports. Immerse yourself in local cultures with overnight stays in 22 different destinations. This epic 245-day Viking Ultimate World Cruise is like nothing you have seen before. 245 days with 110 guided tours visiting 53 countries!

Other options are also that are not as long as 245 days yet still give you the World Experience. Regardless of what you are looking for we have you covered at Silvestri Travel.

While the experience is priceless, taking a world cruise represents a considerable commitment in terms of both time and money. Given their length, they tend to be popular among retirees and/or location-independent employees who don’t have to juggle work with caregiving responsibilities for children or aging parents.

What does it actually cost?

Of course, a “big trip” can also be a “big splurge.” Itineraries and prices for world cruises vary widely although the Viking Ultimate World Cruise is competitively priced, starting at $92,990 per person (a little over $379 a day). The cruise line offers two shorter segments for those who don’t want to travel as long or spend as much money.

Viking World Treasures, starting at $47,995 per person, is a 127-day sailing from London to Los Angeles, visiting 33 countries and 61 ports. Viking World Wonders, starting at $45,995 per person, is a 119-day sailing from Los Angeles to London that visits 29 countries and 55 ports.

Prices for world cruises vary by line, itinerary and stateroom category. But it’s common for most to offer special incentives and freebies for those embarking on lengthy cruises. These often include free or discounted airfare, pre-cruise hotel stays, laundry services, Wi-Fi, shore excursions and loyalty credits.

In addition to free shore excursions, the three Viking world cruises offer perks that include Business Class international air, transfers to and from the ship, free unlimited Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service, free access to the thermal suite and fitness center, all gratuities and service fees, three complimentary visa services, free luggage shipping and a premium beverage package.

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