What is the best time to travel for the holidays?

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September 25, 2018
Holiday Travel
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October 29, 2018
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Holiday Travel

Silvestri Travel knows that finding a great travel deal is almost as good as going on an amazing vacation. So when are the best times to start looking and making those holiday trips a reality? Well, the optimal time frame is now until the end the month (mid Oct until the end of Oct) as prices will only go up as Dec approaches.


Here are some tips for the season:

Best days to travel: The cheapest day to travel is Tuesday, Dec. 18 and returning on Christmas Eve. However, if you don’t want to interrupt the actual Christmas holiday, the next least expensive day to return is Friday, Dec. 28. If you’re willing to fly on the holiday itself, you’ll save about 22 percent, according to Hopper’s data.

Set fare alerts: Flight prices can fluctuate dramatically, especially in busy markets like New York and Los Angeles. Apps such as Hopper, Hitlist and Skyscanner can monitor your desired trip and notify you as soon as seats become available on a route or airfares drop, so you can score last-minute deals.

Know when to book: This season, a good rule of thumb is to book before Halloween because flight prices will likely fluctuate hundreds of times ahead of the holiday and get increasingly expensive 15 to 25 days prior to departure.

Best times to travel for your budget: Fly at undesirable times — like 4 a.m., instead of 10 a.m. — to beat the holiday crowds and peak prices.

Alternatives for flying: Consider taking the train or driving to your destination rather than flying, but the same rule of thumb applies for alternative forms of travel: Leave extra early to avoid the rush.

Work with an experienced travel agent: Sure, you can easily look up prices online, but the time it  takes could feel like another job. Let Silvestri Travel do all the legwork for you and make sure you have the best deals.


Call or contact us here and we can start getting those holiday trips booked

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