Why You Should Use A Travel Agent

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With all the different resources available online now, you might think that travel agents are not necessary anymore. Think again! The role of the travel agent has shifted to more of a travel consultant who uses their knowledge, expertise, and resources to plan your next amazing trip. We are here to plan every step of the way and to help during your trip as well.

Still not convinced? Here are some great reasons for why you should consider using a travel agent:

*Save money. Travel agents have many industry contacts and can get you great deals on hotel rooms, flights, tours, cruises and more.

*Expertise. We are well-traveled ourselves, so we know the best tips for traveling. Whether you are new to traveling or a seasoned traveler, our expertise can help you plan the best itineraries and make sure you are the getting the most out of your trip.

*Resources. Being part of the travel agent community means we have access to great resources for planning.

*Save time. With the overload of information available online, it can feel overwhelming trying to plan a simple trip. This gets even more complicated the more complex your trip is that you want to go on. Your travel agent can do all this work for you and give you great options to choose from. This ends up saving you a lot of time (and money!).

Another important reason to use a travel agent is for if things go wrong during your trip. While we hope everything goes according to plan, sometimes things happen that are out of our control. If your flight gets cancelled or there is an issue with a reservation, you can give us a call to handle the situation.

Here at Silvestri Travel in Sarasota we have the experience, knowledge, and love of travel to plan your perfect trip, whether it’s a weekend getaway or an adventure on the other side of the world! Contact us today to start discussing your next journey.


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